Enhancing the environment

Creating high standards of sustainable urban design within a countryside setting calls for responsible planning of landscapes and utilities that integrate harmoniously.

Sustainable standards

Endurance Estates knows how vitally important the living environment is to every community, which is why it has undertaken consultations, investigations and assessments to supply a British standard implementation programme in alliance with East Cambridgeshire planning authorities. Working diligently to enhance Orchards Green for new residents and the local area, it presents initiatives and improvement that support balanced living for a rural city environment with benefits from biodiversity to bus stops.

Green space provision

Orchards Green Ely - Green Space Provision

As part of the comprehensive programme to meet environmentally efficient housing needs there will be a mix of maisonettes, apartments, private houses and plots available to buy, rent or custom-build. By incorporating adaptable homes alongside affordable housing and properties for home office working to reduce the need for travel, its cohesive design code will provide accessibility to an essential community hub. Understanding the importance of surroundings and infrastructure, Endurance Estates will retain existing field patterns, introduce biodiversity strategies and create well-lit public areas and walkable neighbourhoods.

Positive impact

Orchards Green has a wellbeing environment for homemakers embedded throughout its design. The development is focussed on creating outdoor spaces with new sports areas, parkland, play areas and fenced allotments offered to named residents. It is undergoing a tree-planting programme with varieties deemed to be environmentally appropriate and all works will ensure that archaeological remains are safeguarded. For freedom of movement there will be a new roundabout providing access from the A10, crossing facilities for pedestrians and cyclists, bus stops within the desired 400m walking distance, new footpaths and a network of cycle ways including an upgrade of cycling facilities from the site to the town centre.