Community spirit

Orchards Green in Ely is leading the way as a wonderful place to live, work and grow, creating new lifestyles for people of all generations with community at its heart.

Designed for life

Building beautiful new houses is not only about completing quality properties, it is all about creating a place for people to thrive. Designing spaces where you feel happy at home in a welcoming environment that is perfect for your life and plans. Orchards Green has focussed on developing a landscaped living environment where the community hub is equally as important, promoting togetherness and connecting people to their local surroundings.

Places for people

Being part of a friendly community, where the familiar threads of life all connect, helps to create rewarding and enjoyable lifestyles. From shaping young minds with investment in the Isle of Ely Primary School to providing support and care with the 70-bed care home, the Orchards Green community hub will also bring green open spaces, off-road networks, local facilities and a new community centre.

Local partners

Endurance Estates is working closely with local partnerships in Ely to ensure that Orchards Green is successful for all, with activities that benefit the wider community. Incorporating ideas and feedback from consultation events, presentations and meetings with school, church, council and business communities.

Next generation

Orchard Green’s community projects include archaeology to protect the site’s heritage, ongoing local engagement and planned orchard plantations in the area. One archaeology dig invited primary school children to discover more about their history, while sponsorship of the Ely Apple Festival in collaboration with East Cambridgeshire District Council proved very popular with a great public art exhibition.

Ely is evolving

As an independent community, Ely is a friendly and dynamic place to live. Together with its new bypass, rail gateway, leisure complex and school adding to the area’s already excellent facilities, Ely uniquely combines timeless traditions and vibrant lifestyles with international business links. So, if you’re looking for an exceptional quality of life then Ely is the place to be.